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44 Responses to Visitor’s-Comments

  1. Sujata Tarafdar says:

    Enjoyed the short stay at BABLI as we always do. Felt a bit disappointed at not seeing the paradise flycatchers though.
    BABLI wilderness is somehow more relaxing than the manicured gardens at most places and Sahadebdas cooking is as good as ever. We brought home some aamshatto and tentuler achar too. Hope to visit again soon.

    • BABLI says:

      Thank you, and as always, it’s a pleasure to have you at our Farmstay!

      True, the Paradise flycatchers have not been as active this year, compared to the past… they did visit us during the pre-monseen courtship – but unfortunately, none of them actually nested within the farm this year!

      Our fear is that the rapid and unbridled ‘development’ of our direct surroundings are having an effect on their level of comfort – they are peace loving creatures – and there’s no way we can control the rapid disappearance of that peace, which has been an unfortunate development within our surroundings, over the past couple of years!

  2. I came to BABLI as a traveler. I stayed 4 days and it was hard to pry myself away. But I had to leave India that night so I guess I had to go. It is a special place. It lives in my heart. My thanks to Abhishek and Sahadeb and Aaditto.

    • BABLI says:

      Dear mountainrosehealth,

      Thank you for your feedback. It is gratifying to know that a visitor enjoyed their stay at our experimental wilderness-farm!
      Hope to see you back in BABLI, some time soon.
      All the best for your travels…

      Best regards,
      Aaditto and the BABLI team.

  3. Sudipto says:

    I was searching for a quite place which would be surrounded by nature with availability of basic daily needs. Found B.A.B.L.I where all my basic requirements are available.
    While going through this website and communicating with Mr. Aaditto Shen, I found everything was quite suitable.
    After reaching Babli and spending a night and almost 2 days I found it is more than what I was expecting. Although Mr. Shen had mentioned that there is no typical service-system like in other resorts, I found it has more than those services! Babli provides spontaneous hospitality with super quality food and lodging . The room we reserved was beautifully prepared and maintained. The kitchen is more than good, even with limited supplies. The hospitality and quality of food was just as good as our home. My full family was so satisfied after spending quality time there. I am definitely going to plan for the Poush mela trip here again to stay and to recommend to others.
    Thank you Mr. Aaditto Snem and your staff. Special thank to Sahadeb babu the kitchen master.

    • BABLI says:

      Dear Sudipto-Babu,
      Thank you for your comment and your encouraging words!
      It is always a pleasure for us to host like-minded people, like yourself, who appreciate the unique charm of B.A.B.L.I!
      We hope to see you again soon…
      Aaditto Shen
      Field Director, B.A.B.L.I

  4. Sattam says:

    BABLI is not any resort, it is a home away from home, it is a family with whom you spend some time of your busy life. If the feeling is reciprocal, you suddenly find a 15 acre home and a family amidst nature, otherwise, just checkout immediately, ‘coz you will not like it and neither it is meant for you to like! If you think you have paid for a nice holiday and should get what you have paid for, then you are sure to be disappointed because, what you get here can really not be paid for, its priceless. It can only be felt, experienced and boxed in as fond belonging in your memory.

    Sounds odd? Ok.. So, what have I got here!! …. a well traveled and well read brother, Aaditto da with whom me and my family can talk discuss and deliberate subjects for hours. I got Sahadeb babu whom I can say সহদেব বাবু মাছটা তো নুনে পুড়ে গেছে কাল একটু নুন কম দেবেন and then get a salt less chicken the next day. While having লুচি sahadeb Babu will bring a bottle of তেঁতুলের আচার which is just too tasty to resist and I can ask how so many number of times and he will oblige. And I can feel home when he will remember my fondness and bring it out only for me during lunch time too. You can never ‘pay’ to get any of the above in a ‘resort’.. An extremely knowledgeable man to talk for hours, too much salted fish, salt less chicken, a bottle of pickle at your dispense and touch of special favour (with love) from the host remembering your choice.

    I am sure that me and my family now have a 15 acre home and a loving family looking forward to our next visit. I too wait to get back here again and again.

  5. Minnu Ranjith says:

    I made this video inside and surroundings of Babli … we loved our stay

    • BABLI says:

      Dear Mr Ranjith,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      We saw the beautiful video you had shared with us – it was quite gratifying to see our project through your eyes!

      However (as we have already explained to you over email), we are unable to publish your video link here.

      Due to various untoward incidents in the past, where people made INAPPROPRIATE video-recordings within our premises, we have been FORCED to instil a ‘No Video-Recording’ policy within BABLI premises.

      As I was away on leave during your visit, no one else from our chiefly-rural staff remembered to mention this to you – so, it was not your fault in any way.

      Please do accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

      Best regards,
      Aaditto Shen, Field Director, BABLI,

  6. sayan mazumder says:

    There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more.
    – Lord Byron, (Childe Harolds Pilgrimage)

    I stayed at Babli for three nights, and started my new year sitting by the fire and listening to awesome songs by Aaditto-Da, who sang Leonard Cohen with as much ease as Kabir Suman’s classics. You are from a different time, and is someone whom I felt very happy to have come to know .

    All I felt at BABLI, was the pleasure to interact with nature, the space to talk to myself, and the brilliant company of all those who made such a unique experience possible.

    BABLI is special because it’s unique in its experience; it is something to be felt, silently, and kept inside like a realization. If possible I would have never returned from there, that’s all I can say about the place!

    I will definitely go back whenever I find the chance, to listen to nature and get lost in the tunes of total madness that comes with the silence and serenity that BABLI provides.

    • BABLI says:

      Hello Sayan,

      Thank you for appreciating the uniqueness of BABLI!

      It is always a pleasure for all of us at BABLI to host like-minded people at our rural-action project – people, like yourself, who have managed to retain the humility to perceive the miracle that surrounds us, the magic of creation that abounds in Nature!

      It was a pleasure to interact with you, albeit briefly, and see your photographic work, and I look forward to more interactions in the future!

      All the best for all your endeavours,
      from all of us at BABLI…

      ~ Aaditto Shen

  7. Goutam Panda says:

    3 days in Dec’12 @ B.A.B.L.I is the best thing that happened to me in 2012!
    While the entire experience was a novel one, still, would like to mention few individuals, like Sahadev Babu (aka “Maa” of B.A.B.L.I), Pradeep, the ever smiling boy and finally Aaditto Babu (Commander-in-Chief), for their tireless endeavour in making our stay the most beautiful one.
    Special mention on food; which was simple in nature but too good in taste!
    Planning to return during 2013 monsoon for another stint… won’t forget “Masi”, “Matal”, “Kalo Jire”, “FoolKpi” et all (the four-legged members of the BABLI family) 🙂

    • BABLI says:

      Dear Mr Panda,

      Thank you very much for your kind words!
      It is always a pleasure for us to have like-minded people, as yourself, coming to our farm-project… it makes our effort worth-while!

      Hope to see you again soon… this monsoon!

      Aaditto, and everyone else at BABLI.

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