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Ans.# 01

BABLI is not a ‘Resort. It is imperative that you form a clear idea about the nature of our work, and the character of the space, before you think of making reservations at our resident guest-house.

Please go to this section for more details about how we are different from a ‘resort’.
Check-out this page for more details about the resident Guest-House of our project.

Ans.# 02

All reservations are entertained on a First-Come-Firsts-Served basis – subject to COMPLETION of the Advance-Payment Process.

Full advance payment is mandatory for all guest-house reservations.


    (online NEFT transfers only)
    ~ Process requires at least TWO WORKING-DAYS for transaction to be affected.
  2. By CASH/ CHEQUE at Kolkata Cash-Collection-Centres:
    ~ Cash-Collection-Centre:#1 @ Kasba, near SIEMENS Office and Ruby General Hospital, (Off EM Bypass)
    ~ Cash-Collection-Centre:#2 @ Dalhousie Square, Government Place West, near Dewar’s Garage, (Behind Hong Kong House)
    [Only within Kolkata City Limits – as per our demarcation]
    ~ Requires at least TWO WORKING-DAYS for transaction to be affected.
    ~ This option incurs ADDITIONAL CHARGES, as per details below.
    Via PayPal
    ~ Requires at least TEN WORKING-DAYS for transaction to be affected.
    ~ This option incurs ADDITIONAL CHARGES.
    Please go to the Reservations Section – for FULL DETAILS


Ans.# 03

No – “Spot-booking” is NOT ALLOWED at the guest-house. All reservations are subject to FULL, ADVANCE PAYMENT.
Please check-out our Rules & Regulations to know more

Ans.# 04

Yes, we can organise cars – for transit, as well as local travel.
Check-out car-hiring rates here ~ for station-transit/ long-distance/ local travel etc.

Ans.# 05

Yes, we have a dormitory (5-seats: Rm.# ‘D’) – you can reserves beds at nominal prices for your drivers, along with your room-reservations.
Please bear in mind that if you are planning to come with a driver, it is best to book a Dormitory seat for the driver ~ Since we DO NOT allow drivers to use ANY common facilities, such as water-sources, bathrooms, etc.

Ans.# 06

Yes, we have designated and monitored parking-lots within the project (open-air). You can park your car/ get your car washed against nominal charges.

Ans.# 07

No, we do not. We believe that Santaals, Bauls and other exclusive communities of this area had a philosophically rich and aesthetically unique lifestyle, till city-culture barged into their social spaces. Requesting such local communities to come and “stage their show”, even when made with the best of intentions, tantamount to subjugating them to the status of ‘performing-monkeys’!
Besides, the primary ‘entertainment’ at our project is Nature itself…


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